About us

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‘My passion is to inspire people to purposely put their motives into action, while respecting the other person.
To challenge companies to connect culture and motive with behavior and result.’

Herman Troost, (founder) relates to the start of TroMotive: “Many years of experience in management of business, building my own company and about ten years of charitable work for NGO’s. There were lots of reasons to evaluate work, experience and life. One of my lessons was: the bridge of respectfully and efficiently cooperating is resting on the pillar of the motives behind one’s actions.”

The power of the motive … that’s what really matters. In conflicts as well as in the daily professional work context, in team dynamic, in times of changes and in intercultural work. TroMotive was born.

Since 2010 we put our efforts into helping professional teams and organizations to operate powerfully and effectively from the motive. The result? Individuals build up their effectiveness in relationships, organizations learn to get the motive of their employees in line with the goals set and intercultural differences become manageable with mutual respect.

You might meet us as trainers, coaches, project leaders of sometimes as motivational speakers.

The main areas where we like to work are: intercultural teams, small charitable organizations or intercultural business corporations. In business we add value in processes of change and integration, where the culture of the business always matters.

A growing area of our services is mediation and conflict coaching. For these I followed the Mediation course at the ICM – business school and proved my knowledge at the so called “mediation test” of the Dutch Federation of Mediators. Officially I am registered as member of Dutch Cooperation of Mediators NMv since 2016. To extend my skills in this area, in 2019 additional I completed the course: Conflict Coach at Merlijn Advice & Coaching Institute.

The diversity of our work means we work with different networks, but always with people who more or less choose to go deeper than just learning new skills and knowledge.
And the result? Lasting change of behavior based on inner conviction, based on motives.

Herman Troost
TroMotive (Founder)